Additional Information

5.1 Payer Specifications [161KB] (5.1 Payer Sheet effective through December 31, 2011)

D.0. Payer Specifications [958 KB] (D.0. Payer Sheet effective January 25, 2016)

100 Day Supply Maintenance Meds [151KB] 

Drug Efficacy Study Implementation (DESI) Drug List (Not reimbursed by Florida Medicaid) [40KB]

The DESI value denotes that for all indications the DESI drug lacks substantial evidence of effectiveness (less than effective [LTE]) and is subject by the FDA to a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing (NOOH).  The value may also indicate that the drug is identical, related, or similar (IRS) to a DESI drug.

Counterfeit-proof Prescription Blank Program