Medicaid Data Analytics

Joycee Barry
Bureau Chief

2727 Mahan Drive
Mail Stop #21
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Phone: (850) 412-4100

The Bureau of Medicaid Data Analytics provides information vital to the monitoring and management of the multi-billion dollar Medicaid Program. Medicaid Analytics is composed of five functional units organized to provide a strong foundation of responsive expert systems and databases derived from the Fiscal Agent’s enterprise information system.

It is the Mission of the Bureau to serve the Agency by transforming program data into information that is accurate, timely, organized, and displayed in a manner conducive to the rapid assimilation of that information, into knowledge that may be used by Agency leaders and community partners, to make decisions that positively affect health care for all Floridians.

Medicaid Data Analytic Reports

Medicaid Actuarial Services

This unit provides advanced financial and statistical support for the Bureau relating to Capitation Rates, Risk Adjustment Models and Payment Methodologies.

Medicaid Federal Reporting and Focused Studies

This unit is charged with the analytical activities associated with producing Federal and State Reports as well as defined Focus Studies.

Medicaid Business Intelligence

 This unit draws on all available data to report on the performance of health plans under Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC).

Medicaid Data Solutions

This unit provides a solid data foundation on which all the Bureaus and Agency depend.

Medicaid Data Science

This unit provides advanced analytical, statistical and programming support for Bureau and Agency Initiatives.