FX Strategic Roadmap

The Agency refreshed the Florida Health Care Connections (FX) Strategic Roadmap in July 2021 focusing on the resolution of the fiscal agent contract and the replacement of the existing Florida Medicaid Management Information System (FMMIS) by December 2024.

FX Phased Strategy
  • Phase 1 (Established Fall 2017) – Procure a Strategic Enterprise Advisory Services (SEAS) Vendor and an Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Vendor
  • Phase 2 (Fall 2019 – 2022) – Establish the technical foundation of the modular transformation through the Agency’s procurement of an Integration Services and Integration Platform (IS/IP) Solution and an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Solution
  • Phase 3 (Fall 2019-2024) – Transition the current fiscal agent contract by December 2024, which includes activities to procure modules to transform and improve the FMMIS business processes and replace functionality with solutions that are interoperable with other systems within FX and the larger Florida Health and Human Services agency ecosystem
  • Phase 4 (Spring 2023-2027) – Acquisition and implementation of modular processing capabilities, systems and services that upgrade, modernize, and replace the functions currently performed by multiple existing systems
FX Roadmap
The activities included in the FX Roadmap are contingent on Legislative budget approval and are subject to change as needed to meet the State’s goals for this project.