Medicaid health care can help you get treatment without going to the doctor's office. If you have put off going to see the doctor, wait no more. Seeing your doctor is easier than you think with telehealth services!
telehealth Telehealth gives you and your provider more options in how your Medicaid services are delivered.

You can get help from a doctor when you need it and all you need is a phone, tablet, or computer.

To get started, call your health plan or primary care provider today for more information!

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Telehealth lets you:
  • Save Time – No need to travel to an appointment and sit in the waiting room.
  • Save Money – Call a doctor at any time without missing work.
  • Feel Better – Get a diagnosis, treatment and prescription when needed.

See a doctor without leaving your house.
You have access to quality healthcare by phone, video or your computer.
You can avoid the waiting room, the drive or bus ride to get to the doctor and taking time off from work.
After-hours and weekend appointments are available too.

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For those with Medicaid

Your provider may be able to use telemedicine to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medicine if needed for:
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Behavioral health
Flu Icon
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Rashes Icon
Allergies Icon
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Upper Respiratory
And more...

Contact your health plan to ask about telehealth services.