FX Organization
The Florida Health Care Connections (FX) Program Administration team works collaboratively with our contracted Strategic Enterprise and Advisory Services (SEAS) and oversight stakeholders – Department of Management Services (DMS) and Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) – and module vendor(s). The FX Program Administration team is overseen by the FX Director and comprised of two units:
  • Compliance and Contract Management is responsible for managing and overseeing our contracted SEAS and IV&V vendors, budget and spend plan, cost allocations, federal and state communications, and Organization Change Management.
  • Projects and Process Management is responsible for the contract management of the FX Enterprise Program Management Office, supporting Governance, overseeing integrated risk and schedule management, supporting internal project communications, and coordinating activities with our DMS partners.
FX Org Chart
The blended nodes for FX projects represent the partnership between FX Administration staff, Agency stakeholders, and vendor staff