Florida Health Care Connections
The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration is modernizing its approach to overall Agency functions in order to build better connections to relevant data sources and programs, and improve health care options and outcomes. This initiative, known as Florida Health Care Connections (FX), is a multi-year transformation to enhance the provider and recipient experience, improve access to health care data, and enhance data integration between State of Florida agencies.
FX Vision
Transforming Florida’s Medicaid Enterprise to provide the greatest quality, the best experience, and the highest value in health care.
FX Guiding Principles
   Enable high-quality and accessible data   Improve health care outcomes   Reduce complexity   Improve integration with partners
 Use evidence-based decision-making   Improve provider and recipient experiences   Enable good stewardship of Medicaid funds   Enable holistic decision-making rather than short-term focus
Technology Trends
Health Logo Health Care
  • The value-based care model is becoming more common, which requires tracking health care outcomes rather than services delivered
  • Interactions with managed care plans are changing the traditional roles and responsibilities
Tech Logo Technology
  • Information Technology (IT) vendors are becoming more specialized in what they do
  • Data sets and data needs are increasing in complexity
  • Compatibility between different systems is of increasing importance

CMS Logo Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • CMS issued a rule in 2016 requiring states to follow a modular approach to Medicaid IT acquisition, which reduces system risk compared to a single vendor system
  • Modularity means States can take advantage of vendor specialization in niche offerings and that the latest technology and processes can be implemented more quickly and cost effectively