Tips for Callers

The unit receives an average of 550 calls a day. Following are some tips to ensure that your call is given to the best staff member and that your issue is handled as quickly as possible:

  1. If you are a provider calling about an employee screening, be prepared to provide the staff member with the person’s social security number, name, and date of birth as well as what agency you are licensed with. It is also helpful to know when the employee had their fingerprinting performed.
  2. Please tell the staff member why you are calling. We have certain staff members assigned to specific duties and caseloads are occasionally changed. The staff member that you speak with will know who can best assist you.
  3. If a screening is received that requires additional review then it will be listed as “Screening in Process”. If during that review there is a need to request more information then a certified letter is sent to the applicant requesting that information and the screening will still be listed as “Screening in Process”. We are unable to make a determination until all information requested has been received. Due to confidentiality reasons we cannot discuss any specific details about a file with anyone other than the applicant.
  4. If a screening is received and the fingerprints were rejected by the FBI then it will be listed as “Screening in Process”. If the fingerprints were rejected then the applicant must return to the Livescan location and submit a second set of fingerprints using their unique TCR #. The TCR # will allow the applicant to waive the screening fee. Please call the vendor to schedule a second screening. If you initiated the screening on our website, please log in and print the Rejected Fingerprint Form from the Screenings in Process tab. If you did not initiate the screening then the applicant will be receiving a letter with the TCR #. We are unable to make a determination until the second set of results have been received. If the second set of results reject as well then the Background Screening Unit will request a demographic search, or Name Check Only (NCO), from the FBI. This process may take approximately 4 – 6 weeks to receive a response from the FBI and the provider will need to check the website periodically to see if there has been an update.
  5. When leaving voicemail messages for staff, please remember to speak slowly and clearly and provide your full name, the reason for your call, and your return number including the area code. If we are unable to figure out the return phone number then we cannot return the call.
  6. If you are a provider and you leave your main office number in your voice message and that number has options that do not include leaving a voice mail message and we are unable to reach anyone then we will be unable to assist you. We suggest providing a direct line or a cell number.
  7. Our staff members cannot provide callers with an ORI number over the phone due to the fact that all screenings need to be initiated by the provider through the Clearinghouse prior to the applicant being sent for fingerprinting.