Mary C. Mayhew, Secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration

About the Secretary

Secretary Mary C. Mayhew

Mary C. Mayhew

Mary C. Mayhew is Secretary of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. In this role, Mary leads a $29.4 billion health care enterprise, representing close to 31% of Florida’s total state budget, and is responsible for health policy and planning for the State of Florida. As Secretary, she administers the state’s Medicaid program ensuring the comprehensive healthcare needs of close to 4 million Floridians are met every month. Additionally, her oversight extends to the licensure and regulation of over 50,000 health care facilities across the 3rd largest state in the nation, and is charged with promoting the transparency of consumer health care information through the Agency’s Florida Center for Health Information and Transparency.

She has set a bold agenda to put Floridians at the center of health care decision-making. Mindful that patients must be empowered to transform the healthcare marketplace, Mary has spearheaded efforts on behalf of Governor DeSantis to accelerate the transparency of facility and provider-level health care pricing and further link provider pricing data to facility level quality data. Equally important have been Mary’s efforts to bend the health care cost curve by bringing greater accountability to providers and health plans operating in Florida. To that end, Mary has convened hospitals, health plans and providers across Florida to ensure they are collectively focused on driving adherence to research-based clinical services and best practices, improving timely access at the most appropriate level of care, and reducing inappropriate use.